Nursery Home Learning – 13.7.20

Nursery Home Learning – 13.7.20

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week! One of my favourite events of the year is Nursery ‘Sports Day.’ Seeing the parents proud faces, as their little one has amazing fun taking part in races. Children’s self-confidence and self-esteem never fails to amaze me at such a young age. This week why not hold your own family ‘Sports day?’

The key to this is to design some activities you think your child will enjoy – obstacle race? running backwards? hopping? Set up a space (in your garden or park) for two or three of the chosen races. Clearly mark a start, and finish line. You will need a stop watch to time your child. After the race, mark down the times. Can your child improve on these times?  Obviously, this will get harder and harder!! It is an idea to keep changing events regularly to keep the challenge interesting.

My ideas for events would include:

Running forwards/backwards
Obstacle Race
Jumping – if you can set up small hurdles on the track.
Fast walking/egg and spoon
Longer distance running – once round the park or ten times around the garden!
Long jumping

You could make your own medals and reward certificates for the whole family! Remember its all in the taking part! We have had some very competitive parents/carers in previous years, running down the track with their child dangling by one arm hehe! It’s all part of the fun!

Our final blog together next week! Hooray! We have all come so far!

Best wishes as always!

Miss O’Connor xx