A Message to Nursery from Miss O’Connor

A Message to Nursery from Miss O’Connor

Dear Nursery,

I hope you have had a fun week at home with your families. I have been thinking about you all lots and missing you very much. Seb is pleased that I am home and likes to lick my toes! This coming week why don’t you try to take your family on a bear hunt, either around your house or in the garden. They will be amazed at how well you know the story. Watch out for that scary bear! I heard that you are all keeping in touch on Facebook and sharing all the wonderful things that you are doing. This made me very happy! Don’t forget to be well- behaved and thoughtful at home for your Mammies and Daddies, just like you are at Nursery. Have a great time!

Song of the week: The Pinochio Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV-D_K4drsA

Best Wishes,

Miss O’Connor