At St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that being able to read and write are essential skills that enable pupils to communicate effectively. A high-quality English education enables pupils to listen, read, write and speak fluently so that they can articulate their ideas, express their emotions to others and share their experiences.

Reading is a key skill through which pupils acquire knowledge and to extend their learning. Our curriculum provides pupils with the opportunity to read across the wider curriculum and, through giving our pupils access to high quality texts, encourages their cultural, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development. Our aim is for pupils to engage critically with a range of different texts including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and media.

Acquisition of language and vocabulary skills are essential to enable pupils to participate fully within society and within their future beyond St. Columba’s. We build opportunities into our curriculum to speak, listen and debate; we also focus on high quality vocabulary. This enables pupils to extend these skills beyond English lessons, make connections to other subjects and apply them to wider opportunities.

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Whole School Writing Genres 2023/24

Whole School Reading and Speaking & Listening Curriculum Coverage

Whole School Writing Curriculum Coverage

Year 1 – Writing Objectives

Year 2 – Writing Objectives

Year 3 – Writing Objectives

Year 4 – Writing Objectives

Year 5 – Writing Objectives

Year 6 – Writing Objectives

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