Y3’s Assembly on The Good Samaritan

Y3’s Assembly on The Good Samaritan

On the Friday before half term, 24th May, Y3 presented their version of The Good Samaritan story with their parents and the whole school.  Here it is:


Hello everyone!  Welcome to Year 3’s assembly!

Today’s liturgical theme is ‘love your neighbour’.

The Pharisees asked Jesus a question.

Which of God’s commandments is the greatest?

Jesus answered:

That you must love God with all your might.

And you must love your neighbour as yourself.

All the other rules are based on these 2 commandments.

But what does love your neighbour really mean?

And who is our neighbour?

Well our neighbours are not only the people we know well,

Such as, our family, friends and people we like

Neighbours are also the people we meet by chance every day of our lives

When Jesus was asked, “Who is our neighbour?”, he told everyone the story of The Good Samaritan and you can find this story in the gospel of Luke.

Year 3 will now present you with their version of this story.


Hello, I’m Father Mallon.

We know him.  We go to his church every Sunday.

I was baptised by Father Mallon.

He married my mam and dad.

He tells us all about the gospel of God.

And he explains the ways we can live our lives as better Christians.

Yes, children.  You should love each other as Jesus showed you.  Even the people you don’t like.

Hello, I’m Claire.

Hello everyone, I’m Sarah.

We know them.

They’re both sisters.

They both work as primary teachers.  Claire teaches in Year 1

And Sarah teaches in Year 4.

They teach the children RE using the Catholic curriculum, Come and See

They teach the children about learning, loving and respecting each other with God in their hearts.

Do it with us.  Are you ready?  Learning, loving and respecting with God in our hearts.

That’s it!  Well done!

They also love to shop.

Oh yes we do!

These are the group of lads that hang around the park.

What is it they call themselves again?

The Samaritans.

Oh, that’s right.

They look like trouble, if you ask me!

Up to no good, no doubt!

Hello, I’m Mr. Slater.


We know him!

He lives on the other side of the park.

He’s so canny.

Wouldn’t say a bad word about anybody!

Hooligans!  Stop hanging around like bad smells!  Shift yourselves!


Mr. Slater’s just had some good news.

Great news!

Fantastic news!

His daughter has just had a baby boy.

That means he’s just become a granda!

Right I’m off to visit some sick parishioners.  BYE.

Right we’re off to do some serious shopping!  BYE.


Mr. Slater’s so excited!

He’s going to walk through the park to catch the 305 on Church way.

Ah, look, he’s got flowers for his daughter.  AWWW.

And he’s bought a present for his wee grandson.  AWWW.

I’m so excited!  Can’t wait to meet my new grandbairn.    Right, I’ll just check that I’ve got enough change for the bus.

Take that old man!  Give z that wallet!  And I’ll take these as well!

Oh, my knee, my head!  Help!

Look, there’s Father Mallon.  He’ll help the poor fella.

What?  He’s just walked past.

He’s pretending not to see him – look!

Maybe he’s too busy to get involved.

He’s a priest though – he’s supposed to be a good example to everyone!


Oh, look there’s Claire and Sarah.

Teachers always help you, don’t they!

Ooh, help me please!

But it doesn’t look like they’re stopping!

Ooh, stay back, Sarah!  That man will get blood all over our new things!

Urgh, we can’t have that.  Come on!

Nope.  Obviously keeping their shopping clean is more important than helping another human being!


Ah, knaa!

Oh, oh!  What’s this.  He’s one of those Samaritans from the park, isn’t he?

Oh, yes!  Oh, dear.  Mr. Slater can’t stand those kids.

This lad certainly won’t be of any help.

Err, hang on.  Look!  Let’s listen in…

Mr. Slater?  Are you ok?

No, I’m not!  I was mugged!

You’re bleeding.  Here, let me and my friends help you.


Sit there.  And I’ll get water in a bowl to clean you up.

And I’ll grab some elastoplasts off my mam.

The mugger took my presents, my money.  I haven’t even got enough for my bus fare!

Here, lads, let’s have a whip round.

I’ll go buy a new toy with this.

I’ll go get a fresh bunch of flowers.

Here use this to get that bus.

Eeh, lads, thank you so much!

Here you go, mister!

Ah, you’ve all been so kind!

Eeh, well, I didn’t expect that like!

That’s why Jesus told that story.  Help didn’t come from the people we thought it would come from.

God knows that we neglect one another.

God knows that we judge one another.

God knows that we always SAY that we will love each other as Jesus taught us.

But God knows we don’t always ACT on what we say.

Yes, we should always be ready to DO what Jesus would DO.     To let our little lights shine.

Now let us join our hands in prayer.

Dear Lord,

Help me to remember that everyone is my neighbour.

If I can do something good

Or show my kindness,

Then help me do it today,

For unless love is shared it cannot grow.