Collective Worship

A daily act of collective worship is central to the Christ-centred ethos of our school and to our mission of ‘working together and playing together, we may learn to love you and serve one another’. Worship in our school is concerned with giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God.

Each act of worship follows the four fold action of:

  1. Gathering together
  2. Hearing God’s Word
  3. Responding to the Word
  4. Being sent forward with a Mission based on the worship we have participated in.

Our Collective Worship uses a wide variety of resources and styles. Our teachers support the development of differing styles of worship throughout the school. Pupils are encouraged to participate in the planning and delivery of Collective Worship through our class liturgies.

Our worship takes many different forms and we gather in a variety of groupings:

  • We gather together as a school community for whole school collective worship on a Monday. On a Monday, worship is led by Mrs Foster or Miss Quinn and our focus is on this week’s Gospel, instilling our ‘mission’ for that week
  • On Tuesdays (KS2) and Thursdays (KS1/EYFS) each Key Stage gathers for Collective Worship led by a member of the teaching staff based the theme of the week. On the day when they are not participating in Key Stage Collective Worship, each class worship together as a class community, being led in rotation by pupil Collective Worship groups. Worship planning is supported by the class teacher.
  • On Wednesdays, the focus is responding to the Word in song and looking outwards at the wider world and at what we can do to make it better.
  • On Fridays, we come together to celebrate our achievements and successes every other week. On the alternative week each class prepares and delivers a class assembly based around their learning in in Religious Education.

In addition to these opportunities to worship, Mass is celebrated each half-term in the School hall. We invite our wider community to worship with us, including our families and members of the Parish. All classes attend and we enjoy being together to celebrate with our Parish Priest, Fr David.