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Welcome back to Nursery

How lovely it has been to have our Nursery family back together again. We have celebrated by engaging in lots of exciting learning opportunities. The ‘Querks’ arrived in a green treasure chest. Mother Querk laid five beautiful big eggs. They were lovely pastel shades with different speckles of colour splashed all over them, just like real bird eggs. She knew the children in Nursery would take good care of them.

We soon realised that it doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside we are all the same underneath. We all have feelings, and yet we all have special qualities that make us unique, and make us the person we are.

Our termly topic is ‘patterns.’ We have explored pattern in many different forms. This week we looked at ‘rangoli’ patterns. The children made rangoli patterns outdoors on the ground and indoors using glitter.


We set up a pattern tray and the children initiated their own learning. They independently made repeating patterns and drew zig zags and lines.

We then looked at patterns we could find outdoors.

The week ended with us making beautiful ‘Mothers Day’ cards. We received lots of thanks so I think the ‘Mammy’s were pleased!

We hope you all had a lovely day!!

Forest School in Nursery

Forest School in Nursery

Forest school is an initiative well known in the UK and is one form of outdoor learning, centered around ‘learning by doing’ to nurture children’s curiosity. During these difficult times, innovative outdoor learning activities have been invaluable to us. Enabling an environment whereby the children felt safe, emotionally and mentally happy was very important. We…Read More

Squirrel Topic in Nursery

We are extremely lucky to have such a beautiful view from our ‘Early Years’ classroom windows. This week the children have been very excited to make some new friends. We have three resident squirrels who have been coming out to play. We placed some peanuts around the outdoor area and eagerly awaited their arrival. We…Read More

Science in Nursery

Science in Nursery

In Nursery, we love to carry out science experiments and find out why or how things happen? We decided to find out how the rain falls from the clouds? We used shaving foam to create a cloud on top of the water. We then dropped food colouring into the cloud. As the cloud filled up,…Read More

A warm welcome back to Nursery

A warm welcome back to Nursery

A very warm welcome back to Nursery. What a wonderful feeling it was opening the door to those excited smiling faces again.. We have missed you so much! The children have returned to school so happy and confident. The new children literally skipped in the door and made Miss O’Connor very proud indeed. An absolute…Read More

Welcome to Nursery!

Welcome to Nursery!

Welcome to St. Columba’s RC Primary School. We are delighted that you and your child will be joining us in September. Under normal circumstances, we would be writing to invite you to a number of events and meetings across the summer term. However, due to the current guidelines, this is not possible at this present…Read More

Dogs topic in Nursery

Miss O’Connor and Mrs Walton both own dogs. The children love to hear funny stories about Seb and Kong so it was a natural choice for our new termly topic. Caring for a dog An important aspect of having a veterinary surgery in the nursery was to allow the children the opportunity to learn how…Read More

Sunny Walks in Nursery

Nursery have made the most of the bright, sunny weather this week. We are very blessed to have such lovely school grounds. We were very excited to discover the first signs of ‘Spring.’ The snowdrops were very small and delicate (just like us.) We will continue to observe the daffodils. Our resident squirrels are enjoying…Read More

‘Celebrating’ in Nursery

In RE we have been discovering what a celebration is and how people celebrate. We talked about a memorable celebration and drew a picture. The children remembered special birthdays, Baptisms, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We looked at the different elements of a celebration and discussed how we find out about a celebration – (someone…Read More