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An exciting first half term in Nursery

An exciting first half term in Nursery

What an exciting first half term it has been! Without exception, every child has settled beautifully into the Nursery routine. We have a new class of children who are happy, confident and ready to learn!


In eight weeks the children have participated in many exciting learning opportunities to engage and enthuse. As always our amazing outdoor area has played a big part in this!

Playing with shaving foam is always a big favourite!


In science we carried out the dancing milk experiment. We compared full fat milk to semi-skimmed milk. We used food colouring and fairy liquid. The full fat milk made the milk dance faster! It was very exciting!


As per this time of year, we analysed our baseline information and realised that lots of our parents were requesting help with dummy usage at home. We decided to make up a resource consisting of a shiny bag, the dummy fairy book and some shiny stars. Each and every child who took the bag home, gave up their dummies instantly over night! It has been a huge success! We are massively proud of the children and their friends who have supported them. ‘Florrie the Fairy’ must be very tired by now! She even left us a party to celebrate with on the last day of term!

Alongside this we have had a big focus on hand washing and how to put on our own coats! The children talked about the steps required to have super clean hands, free from germs.

Community links are very important to us and we love to visit the residents at Eothen Home. We took biscuits and sang songs. They were very grateful and loved our singing!

The end of term takes us to Halloween and Mrs Walton decided to turn the children into skeleton’s! It has been wonderful fun with many smiles along the way! Next stop ‘Nativity Play.’ YIKES!!!






‘Lent’ in Nursery

Lent is a time to grow in love to be more like Jesus and to look forward to Easter. In the Gospel, Matthew makes it clear that in loving and caring for other people we are loving and caring for Jesus. Nursery and Reception gathered together on ‘Ash Wednesday’ to mark the beginning of Lent and…Read More

Talk for Writing in Nursery

In Nursery we have been reading the story ‘Rosie’s Walk.’ The children listened to the story whilst we drew a story map together. Actions were given to each part of the story. The children repeated it everyday until they could read the story independently by following the story map. At the writing table we drew…Read More

RE in Nursery

In RE we have been been looking at what a ‘celebration’ is and how the parish family celebrate. What is a celebration? Why do people celebrate? Can you celebrate on your own?   We looked at photos of ourselves at our Christmas party. We noticed our special clothes, special food and the fun we  had…Read More

Nursery ‘Estimation Station’

As part of our ‘Great North Maths Hub’ learning walk Nursery made an ‘Estimation Station.’ The aim was for the children to have a good guess how many things were in each container and then check by using their counting strategies. They then had to find their number on the number track. The lesson was…Read More

Reception & Nursery learn about Baptism

Reception & Nursery learn about Baptism

Our topic in Religious Education is ‘Belonging’ and in Reception and Nursery we having been talking and finding out about Baptism. The children enjoyed joining together and acting out a Baptism in the school hall. We discussed the signs and symbols of Baptism. The children decided the baby’s name was George. We choose some parents…Read More

‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ in Nursery

Nursery have had a fun filled activity week focussing on the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. The children used their lovely big voices to join in with the repeated refrains. They also drew their own depictions of the story and made a ‘narrow gloomy cave’ with Mrs Walton! We cannot wait to explore…Read More

Our Nursery Philosophy

As we reach the end of a very busy half term, we reflect on the giant steps that have been made by the Nursery children in such a short space of time! We have a very strong philosophy in Nursery with specific outcomes and it is fair to say they have all been reached with…Read More