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Sunny Walks in Nursery

Nursery have made the most of the bright, sunny weather this week. We are very blessed to have such lovely school grounds. We were very excited to discover the first signs of ‘Spring.’ The snowdrops were very small and delicate (just like us.)

We will continue to observe the daffodils. Our resident squirrels are enjoying the nuts and pieces of apple the children left for them. Fingers crossed for another bright and sunny week!

Y3’s Clean Up Challenge With The Waters Of Tyne!

Y3’s Clean Up Challenge With The Waters Of Tyne!

Yes, we’ve been learning our local song, ‘Waters Of Tyne’, but we have also been using our science skills to see how clean we could get our river water!  Using beakers, funnels, sieves, filter paper, etc., we set to work:                   Lucy did the best job of cleaning up our water!  Well done Lucy!Read More

ECO Club Prize

You may remember last year, you all made pledges as families to ‘Wash, Squash and Recycle’ your waste. The wonderful work you have been doing at home has been recognised by our Local Authority. On Monday 8th October, the children were presented with a certificate as we have won £100 to spend on new resources!…Read More

Year 2 at Forest School

Following on from the success of Year 1 ‘Forest School’ sessions it was Year 2’s turn to become explorers and hit the outdoors. The previous week the children were given the ‘Forest School’ rules and they were ready to go. They began the session as always with a team building game. They used their senses…Read More

Erasmus Project Meeting Lithuania

Last week Miss Metcalfe, Miss Quinn, Mrs Cowburn, Mrs Weir and Mrs Wallace attended our final project meeting held in Radvilskis in Lithuania. They observed many fantastic project based lessons in both English and Lithuanian. They thoroughly enjoyed working with the other project partners, Lithuanian teachers and all of the children. During their visit they…Read More

‘Forest School’ in Year 1

Year 1 donned the famous St Columba’s red suits and participated in one of many new ‘Forest School’ sessions with Miss O’Connor. The session was linked to Year 1’s English work; a scary troll left the children lots of exciting activities to explore!       The children made leaf crowns and independently decided to…Read More

Stay and Play in Nursery

The ‘Stay and Play’ sessions we provide here at St Columba’s are extremely popular and well supported. We aim to foster opportunities to enable the children, parents, carers and staff to be more sensitive to each others needs. We provide ideas, activities and opportunities that can be replicated in the home environment.    The children…Read More

Autumn in Nursery

It is not just children who love Autumn. Forest School Leaders relish in fallen leaves too! We are very lucky at St Columba’s to have such beautiful green surroundings. It’s fair to say the ground is positively gleaming and everything has become a bit more atmospheric.   We made collections of leaves, used them to…Read More

Erasmus visit to Italy

This week Mr Keilty, Miss Metcalfe, Miss Monteith, Miss OConnor and Mrs Iliadou visited some of our partner schools in Tarquinia, Italy. Whilst visiting the schools, we observed lessons, met the children and teachers and watched some amazing performances!   Our visit was part of our Erasmus project ‘There’s No Planet B: Stop Climate Change’.…Read More

Erasmus Visit to Italy

Erasmus Visit to Italy

Next week, Mr Keilty, Miss Metcalfe, Miss Monteith, Miss O’Connor and Mrs Iliadou will visit Rome to plan and prepare the next part of our Erasmus project – There’s No Planet B; Stop Climate Change. The will spend time in our Italian Partner school, observing teaching, working with children, sharing our work and discussing the…Read More