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Y3 Are Someone’s Reason To Smile: Anti-Bullying Week!

Y3 Are Someone’s Reason To Smile: Anti-Bullying Week!

Our whole school held an Odd Socks day for Anti-Bullying Week on 12th November to celebrate what makes us all unique!  Year 3 also took part in #ChooseKindness with Bullying UK to help stand up to bullying.


On a video we watched we were shocked to find out that, according to the National Bullying Survey in 2016:

  • 50% of young people were bullied about how they looked
  • 81% of young people were called horrible names by others
  • 55% of young people were left out by their friends

Click the link below to find out more:

We decided to be the reason to make someone smile, and carry out simple acts of kindness in our class, and around the school to help promote positive empowerment!

First, we pulled a name from a bag.


Then we spent time making a special card for that person, in which we wrote about what we really liked about that person, what we thought was beautiful about their appearance and what we thought was wonderful about their personality.

These were our little ‘acts of kindness’ in class.

After all, no-one ever knows the struggles people are going through inside and we believe that a simple act of kindness can help a person feel empowered to stand up to bullying. We are encouraging everyone to get involved in choosing kindness and be the reason to make someone smile.  Like we definitely did today!  Check out these joyous reactions to both giving and receiving these acts of kindness.


#ChooseKindness top tips

Choosing kindness doesn’t cost anything but can help someone enormously. We all have choices to make, do you #choosekindness?

  • Choose kindness, as you never know what someone else is going through
  • Saying something nice can bring a smile to someone’s face
  • Acts of kindness will never come back to hurt you and is never wasted on someone
  • Being mean and hurting others can hurt someone very deeply, think twice about what you say or do
  • Acts of kindness are good for you- they release oxytocin which lowers our blood pressure
  • Being kind can help others feel happy and confident


A lovely act of kindness to give to another person is to draw on their face with a feather.  Jessica ‘painted’ a Batman on Emily’s face.

This certainly gave her a reason to smile!

We also designed STOP bullying posters in the afternoon.

We made STOP stand for:

Several Times On Purpose

because that’s what bullying is.


Simply Tell anOther Person

because that’s how we’ll stop bullying for good!





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