Pupil Premium

At St. Columba’s we are committed to ensuring that each individual pupil receives the very best education allowing them to reach their full potential academically and socially. Our key objective in using the pupil premium grant is to narrow the attainment and achievement gap between those entitled to pupil premium and those not. We also make use of a wide range of educational research in order to decide how best to spend our funding to maximise the opportunities for our pupils. Please see the documents below for a detailed analysis of how we intend to spend our pupil premium funding during each academic year and a summary of the funds we spent during the previous academic year.


Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-2019


Pupil Premium Strategy and Review 2017-2018


Pupil Premium Strategy and Review 2016-2017


Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2015 – 2016

Currently we have 27 pupils receiving Pupil Premium funding which totals £40,480 for the financial year.  This money has been spent in the following way:

Spending on pupils with PPAmount Impact 
High Borrans - Y6
Sept ‘16
£1050 Pupils in Y6 had a fun filled week in an outdoor adventure centre. Pupils in receipt of PP were paid for in order to be able to attend and meet the requirements of the OAA PE curriculum. 
Christmas Pantomime
Y1 to Y6
Dec 15
£230 The whole school attended the Christmas Pantomime at Whitley Bay. Children in receipt of PP were paid for.  
New reading books to supplement the existing scheme in school.
Key Stage 1/EYFS 
£200 These new books will aid pupils who benefit from the Read, Write, Inc programme in KS1.  
Help to fund the accreditation for the Numbers Count (intervention) training for Mrs McGrady for the academic year 2015/2016. £800 Mrs McGrady supports several PP children who receive the Numbers Count programme. This is helping to close the gap between their attainment and that of their peers. 
To subsidise the costs of the Forest School training for Miss O’Connor
ECO club and EYFS 
£1660 Outdoor learning has become a regular subject embedded within the Early Years and Y1 curriculum. Miss O’Connor is using her expertise and knowledge to enhance our outdoor areas and provide the pupils with valuable learning opportunities throughout the school in EYFS curriculum time and ECO club which is an extra curricular activity every Tuesday for pupils in KS2. 
Purchase of Numicon and additional maths resources – whole school £700 This extra equipment has particularly benefited pupils in Y1 and Y2 who are in receipt of PP and needed practical resources to aid their learning in maths. 
Trugs Box –whole school 
£340 To support pupils in receipt of PP who have reading intervention with Mrs McGrady. This is helping to close the gap, as identified in the RAISEonline data. 
Swimming Tuition
£264 All pupils in Y3 have received a block of swimming lessons in order to meet the required standard of swimming 25m at the end of KS2. Pupils in receipt of PP in Y3 have had tuition and cost of coaches paid for them.  
Holy Island– Y5 and Y6 pupils 
June 15
£325 5 pupils in receipt of PP attended a spiritual and educational retreat to Holy Island. Money paid for accommodation, food and travel. 
Educational visits and coach travel
Y1 - Y6
£351 Pupils in receipt of PP funding have had places paid for them on class trips to places such as Beamish Museum, Stephenson Museum. This has paid for coach travel and entrance fees.  
Intervention and Tuition – 
Used to subsidise Mrs McGrady’s salary 
Subsidises annual salary including on costsWe have used the remaining funding to subsidise Mrs McGrady’'s salary. Mrs McGrady works for 3 days a week delivering Maths and English intervention. Across this year, Mrs McGrady has worked with 20 pupils in receipt of PP at a cost of £30 per pupil per day. 


Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2014 – 2015

To build upon the success of the previous year’s Special Educational Needs support, the grant will continue to fund the school’s intervention team of specialist staff and their specific interventions.

  • Reading and Literacy specialist to monitor and manage specific literacy interventions
  • Numbers Count Accredited teachers providing 1 to 1 and small group support at K.S.1 and K.S.2
  • Success@Arithmetic K.S.2 Intervention
  • Better Reading Partnership – K.S.2
  • Nessy Learning Support Programme and Word Shark 4
  • Spelling support club
  • Offer 30 hours of SATs tuition for 10 Year 6 pupils
  • Literacy and Numeracy small group support at K.S.1 and K.S.2
  • Meet the needs of a pupil with cerebral palsy: including a support worker

Additional support:

  • Offer free Breakfast Club places for FSM children
  • Fund free places at our annual residential visit to Lindisfarne (Holy Island) for FSM children