School Performance

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.

They inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

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December 2018: Short Inspection: Outcome – Good

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection … You and your team know your school exceptionally well … Parents are very positive about the school … One parent spoke for many when she wrote that she wanted to thank all of the staff doing “an amazing job in giving my children an exciting time at school … they’re loving every day!” … Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are impeccable … Pupils enjoy talking about their work and their achievements …  

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September 2013

This is a good school because the proportion of pupils who make better progress than would normally be expected is above average especially in mathematics and is increasing rapidly in reading and writing. Teaching is good because teachers plan interesting lessons that make pupils think hard. The Headteacher has worked well with other leaders and the Governors to secure improvements in teaching and learning and to pupils’ achievement.

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September 2005

This is a highly effective school that achieves very high standards and has done so for a considerable period of time. The pupils enjoy their schooling a great deal and they are very well cared for; their personal development is outstanding. The pupils’ attitudes to their work and their behaviour are exemplary and their attendance is good. The first rate teaching enables pupils of all abilities to make very good progress. The school is extremely well led and managed and it has made steady progress since its last inspection. It is well placed to make further improvement. The school gives very good value for money.

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Diocesan Inspection Report

May 2019

St Columba’s RC Primary School is an outstanding Catholic school because:

Catholic Life at St Columba’s is outstanding. The headteacher, senior leadership team, all staff and governors have high expectations and share a vision with regard to the Catholic mission of the school.

Collective Worship is outstanding. High quality Collective Worship is central to the life of the school; it binds the whole school community together. Parents describe the impact of Collective Worship on their children as ‘profound’.

Religious Education is good. Teachers have a clear understanding of the value of Religious Education which they communicate effectively. Leaders have clear plans for further improvements.

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January 2014

St Columba’s is a good Catholic school with many outstanding features. It is very clear as soon as you enter the school that the prime purpose is Catholic education, helping children to develop their faith to understand that God loves them. The quality of Religious Education is good. The areas for improvement from the last inspection have all been addressed and the school is continuing to ensure that all pupils make good progress because of good teaching. The Catholic Life of the school is outstanding. Governors, senior leaders and staff have high expectations and a shared vision with regard to the Catholic mission and ethos of the school. Pupils make an outstanding contribution to the Catholic Life and take a leading role in activities which promote the school’s ethos within the school and wider community. The quality of Collective Worship is good. Prayer is central to the life of the school and a key part of every school celebration.

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