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Year 4 Home Learning 17.7.20

Year 4 Home Learning 17.7.20

Hi Kids,

We have been looking at the role of Carnivals around the world, so this week has been a very colourful and creative experience. Hope you enjoy the tasks I’ve attached.

Those in school finished with a little celebration in class, but such a shame that we couldn’t all be together.

Thank you so much  to those of you who gave me gifts and cards; it is very kind of you, especially in this uncertain economic climate,  they are very much appreciated!

I hope the weather improves for the 6 week holiday and that you manage to get out and about for some exciting activities. Please try to do a little bit of reading, writing or maths during the 6  weeks and I’d love a post card from you if you manage to get away on holiday. (even Tynemouth have postcards!)

I have had some queries about the Holy Communion arrangements. You’ve worked so hard towards this special day and we still want it to be a spectacular affair. So, bearing in mind that churches are still very restricted in numbers, we don’t feel that the celebration is likely to happen until well into the new year. We will keep you posted and give you plenty of notice as soon as we have more information.

,I’m really looking forward to having you all back in September. I’m sure some of you will have grown so much in 6 months I might not recognise you!

Have a brilliant holiday. Stay safe. Have fun!

Mrs Watson

Home Learning Grid 13.7.20

8. Culture and Carnival

Carnival headdress booklet






Can you guess who?