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A Message to Year 3 from Mrs Whitelaw

A Message to Year 3 from Mrs Whitelaw

A BIG Hello Year 3!

I am missing you all! Until we’re all back together, I’m sure you can make your time at home as happy and as fulfilling as possible through adding these things to your timetable:

  1. Spend 10 mins each day playing our Word Type Game – Ask (politely!) for someone to call out words and make up your own movements and sound to respond to each one! e.g. ‘delicious’ – Is it a Noun, Verb, Adjective or Adverb? Make sure you practice Nouns and Verbs A LOT, before adding one of the other types of words to your game! I can’t wait to see what hilarious movements/sounds you’ll make for ‘Noun’, ‘Verb’, ‘Adjective’ or ‘Adverb’.  What are you going to do if the word is more than one type of word (i.e. ‘wave’!)?
  2.  ​If you would like to practise your writing skills, send me an email to our Home Learning Helpline. I would love to read your personal messages where you can tell me what you’ve been up to and I promise to answer EACH AND EVERY ONE!  I will answer them all every Saturday.
  3.  ​Remember how important it is to have some ‘me time’. Work together with your family to plan activities each day which are a mixture of fun and learning too!

I am so looking forward to hearing from each of you!  I bet you have lots to tell me about!

Mrs. Whitelaw