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The Big Bad Wolf and Year 1

This half term we have been learning through the topic of ‘Once Upon a Time …’ We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to stories, retelling them, acting them out, playing in the Role Play area and writing about them. During our Writing lessons we have been learning how to write questions. We used our question writing…Continue Reading

Reading in Year 1

Year 1 have been working really hard with their reading. In Speedy Sounds we have been helping our partners with new sounds and taking turns to be the teacher. Now we are in Year 1 we are learning to read lots of words. Some of them we need to FRED out but we’re getting better…Continue Reading

Science in Y6 … Week 11…Nov 22nd

Science in Y6 … Week 11…Nov 22nd

It’s time for the Bratz’ annual Big Night Out.  The weather’s cold.  So they each put on their best coat.  (Coats!  I know!  Would you???)  But the road to the venue is long and dark and they decide to walk there and back.  No Ubers in Bratzville.  Which Bratz gal is wearing the most sensible…Continue Reading