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Y3 Prehistoric Pottery

Y3 Prehistoric Pottery

Last Wednesday we had a visit from Sarah Lord, an iron age woman who taught us all about the history of pottery from the Paleolithic era to the Iron Age.  We made our own Prehistoric pots using natural objects and tools that Prehistoric people would have used.  You can see it all here!  What a fantastic day we had!

First, we looked at a timeline from the Ice Age up to the Romans occupation of Britain…

And then we explored the types of clay pots made from Mesolithic era to the Iron age…  People created fancier and fancier designs:

We even looked at clothing and tool replicas from prehistoric times:

Then we designed our own prehistoric pots and used tools from that time to make them:


Look at some of our finished products!  We are so proud of our work!  Sarah is going to fire them and we should get our finished products back soon!  We can’t wait!

Eggshell STEM experiment in Nursery

How strong is an eggshell? Eggs seem pretty fragile. We went ahead and dropped one, it broke really easily. An eggshell is actually quite strong, but just how strong? We tried a couple of ways to test out our eggshell strength experiment. We used books and we used water. We also compared eggs with 2…Continue Reading

Year 5 Science – Out of This World

Year 5 Science – Out of This World

Year 5 have been learning about our Solar System. First, we named the planets and their order by making our own mnemonic. Then, we explored the distance of each planet from the sun using toilet paper. Each square of toilet paper was approximately 58,000,000km! This problem solving activity was great for our place value and…Continue Reading

Care packages for new Nursery parents/carers

Following six glorious weeks in the sunshine we welcomed Mrs Walton (TA) into Nursery! It is a very exciting time for Nursery, meeting new children, meeting new parents and establishing routines. Saying goodbye to your little ones on their first day of Nursery can be a real tearjerker. ‘First day of Nursery’ packs were put…Continue Reading

‘Loose parts’ play in Nursery

The children have wasted no time in exploring the exciting activities on offer this week! The creative table was an instant hit with ‘loose parts’ play. Loose parts possess infinite play possibilities. Children can carry, combine, redesign, line up, take apart and put loose parts back together in almost endless ways. These objects invite conversations…Continue Reading