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Chinese New Year in Reception

Chinese New Year in Reception

The children in Reception enjoyed finding out about Chinese New Year.

They read the story about the ‘Great Race’ and found out how the animals of the Chinese Zodiac decided who would have which year named after them. 2018 is the year of the Dog.

The children enjoyed using masks and acting out the story together.


They had fun tasting Chinese food and trying to use chopsticks.



Some children made Chinese dragons.

We talked about how the Chinese celebrate the new year and the different traditions they have. We looked at pictures and videos and discussed the similarities and differences between celebrations we have.

‘Kung Hei Fat Choi’ – Happy New Year to all!

African topic in Nursery

This half term the Nursery topic is ‘Africa’. It is a topic close to Miss O’Connor’s heart following her visit to Rwanda a few years ago.     The children have been discussing African animals, looking at colours and patterns as well as creating the warmth and happiness of Africa through music and dance.  …Continue Reading

Writing in Nursery

Writing has been a big focus in Nursery this half term! Before children are able to form letters, they need to learn how to make marks. These marks can be with their finger or pictures they have drawn or painted. They are working out how writing works, how to hold their pencil, what pressure to…Continue Reading

Creating Fossils in Year 2

Year 2 were so inspired by the work they have been doing on dinosaurs and Mary Anning that they spent their Art lessons creating fossils of their own! They used clay, special plaster and toy dinosaurs to create a fossil shape. Look at their amazing pieces.Continue Reading

2018 week 4 in Y6…2nd Feb

2018 week 4 in Y6…2nd Feb

With the long, dark months of winter still stretching out ahead of us and the lighter days of Spring little more than a fragile gleam on the horizon, it seemed appropriate that our science this week should focus on staying safe while we are out and about.  See and be seen is the message, especially…Continue Reading

Year 2 find Fossils!

This week Year 2 made a prehistoric discovery on their school field! We had been learning all about Mary Anning, the famous fossil hunter from Lyme Regis and the influence she had on the scientific thinking surrounding fossils and dinosaurs long after her time. Year 2 were shocked to discover fossils in their own playground,…Continue Reading

First Lego League

First Lego League

On Tuesday, 10 children from Y5 were lucky enough to attend the First Lego League tournament at The Sage, Gosforth. In Computing Club, the children have been working so hard to prepare for the competition – coding, inventing, problem solving and head scratching!!! They competed against 9 other teams, coming 3rd overall and 2nd in…Continue Reading