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Saving our Planet

Last week Year 2 read the story ‘The Trouble with Dragons’. We quickly realised that these dragons cause all sorts of problems! They eat all of the food, litter the world and breathe hot air everywhere!

After reading the story we also looked at a different story from CAFOD, ‘Laudato Si’ , a message from Pope Francis. these stories linked with our Erasmus project, There’s no planet B: Stop Climate Change.

In class we did lots of amazing work on saving the planet. We wrote about how to save the world and what might happen if we don’t start making changes!


Basketball in Year 2

This week Year 2 were visited by some coaches from the Newcastle Eagles. We learnt all about the importance of healthy eating, drinking plenty of water and staying fit by exercising. After that we went outside to show off our basketball skills. We completed many obstacles, drills and challenges by dribbling, throwing and passing the…Continue Reading

Year 2’s work on Community

As part of our RE topic, A Journey in Love, Year 2 looked at the values and importance of communities. The children thought about family members and discussed how each family could look different but share similar values. They explored the different communities that they are part of and discussed what makes each community special.…Continue Reading

Y3 Blog 12th July

Y3 Blog 12th July

On Wednesday 12th July, Y3 headed down to Tynemouth to see the Victorian Station there.  We saw the ancient abbey (where naughty monks were sent) and visited Northumberland Park (where the monks tended to their gardens in medieval times).  We also had chips by the abbey and plenty of fun on St. Edward’s Bay, making…Continue Reading

Y3 Blog June 21st

Y3 Blog June 21st

As part of our Newcastle topic, Y3 took a wonderful historical tour of our town on Wednesday, 21st June.  First we looked at the 13th century city walls.  The smells were very medieval!   Then we walked the Cloisters of Blackfriars, just like the monks did back in the 1200s.  We also discovered the door…Continue Reading