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Planting in Nursery

We have gone from one extreme to the other in terms of the weather this week! The sun was shining so we decided it was the perfect opportunity to do some planting. We chose a patch by the ‘secret garden’ and planted a variety of ‘sunburst’ flowers. Mrs Rowan helped the children to plant herbs…Continue Reading

Year 2’s Scavenger Hunt

This week Year 2 have been working exceptionally hard to improve their Reading Comprehension skills. Throughout the year we have impressed Miss Metcalfe and Mrs Walton with our reading ability but this week we blew them away! On Friday Miss Bovill set us the challenge of completing a reading scavenger hunt. She set us off…Continue Reading

Y6 12th May

Y6 12th May

SATs week. The children worked incredibly hard all week and were a total credit to themselves, their parents and to the school.  In my view, this week saw the most challenging battery of tests ever to face Y6, but our pupils showed great resilience and determination to complete every paper to the very best of…Continue Reading

Rainy Days in Nursery

The outdoors on a rainy day is an endless laboratory full of learning potential, as well as being heaps of fun. Things smell, feel, sound and look different in the rain. Wet sand acts differently to dry sand. Dirt becomes mud. Surfaces are slippery, squelchy and sloshy. Puddles appear and creatures come out! We put…Continue Reading

Y3 22nd May

Y3 22nd May

Y3 discovered that the water from the River Tyne was not as clean as we thought it would be!   As part of our Creative Curriculum topic on the history of Newcastle, and linked to our Erasmus work on ‘There’s no planet B’, children in Y3 worked diligently to see how clean they could get…Continue Reading

Playground Pledge (Recycling)

ECO Club work tirelessly to promote ‘recycling’ both at home and at school. On Wednesday evening Miss O’Connor organised a ‘Playground Pledge’ event. Parents and carers were invited to pledge that they recycle at home. The incentive for the pledge is that you are then entered into a draw to win £100 of shopping vouchers.…Continue Reading