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Year 2’s week with Miss Bovill

Year 2 have made a brilliant start to the new term! They have worked very hard whilst Miss. Metcalfe has been away, spending most of their time under the sea. From deep sea diving descriptions in English, to underwater food chains and the life cycle of sea turtles in Science, there’s not much left of our underwater world to explore. Thank you for a lovely week Year 2, its been a pleasure teaching you. Miss Bovill

Y6 April 28th

Y6 April 28th

We are working hard to prepare for our imminent SATs but have still managed to find time to begin a fantastic piece of writing about Zombie Apocalypse (more of which in future posts) and to continue building and testing our electric-powered cars as part of our Science & Engineering project. Everyone has tested their car…Continue Reading

Nursery drawings of the Colosseum

In nursery this week we have been learning about 3D shapes. We decided to look at the shapes of famous landmarks. Our first stop was Rome, looking at the ‘Colosseum’. The children were very observant and talked about the many windows as well as the missing part of the building. The children’s drawings were very…Continue Reading

Erasmus+ visit to Poland

As you will remember from our newsletters in September and November, we are taking part in a new and exciting Erasmus project called ‘There’s no planet B; stop climate change’. This is linked to the work that the children are completing in Science and Geography over the next two years. ECO Club are also working…Continue Reading

Y6 April 7th

Y6 April 7th

Yesterday came the culmination of our work on the Passover with the Passover meal itself, celebrated by Y6 children and invited guests.  It was an enjoyable event, and helped the pupils understand the significance of the Last Supper/First Mass.  We ate traditional Passover foods including unleavened bread, roast lamb, haroset, bitter herbs, hard-boiled eggs and…Continue Reading

Spring Term in Year One

We have had a very busy spring term in Year One, so here are a few of our highlights. Space Explorers Year One began the spring term with the topic of space. They enjoyed finding out about our solar system, and discovering that Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.  …Continue Reading

Y6 March 31st

Y6 March 31st

Once again, I have successfully fooled Y6 into thinking that they are doing something exciting and different.  We have started the annual Electric Car Engineering Challenge, where the brief is to design and make a model car which is powered by electricity and which can not only travel in a perfectly straight line, but can…Continue Reading

Year 2’s Batman Pizza

Today Year 2 had a busy morning baking pizza. We made our own dough and then cut it into the shape of Batman! After that we spread our tomato base and topped it with cheese, sweet corn and pepperoni. We baked them for 20 minutes and once they had cooled, we tasted them. They were…Continue Reading