Y3 Helps Archimedes Investigate Water Displacement

Y3 Helps Archimedes Investigate Water Displacement

As part of our Ancient Greece Creative Curriculum topic, Y3 have been learning about that great inventor, scientist, mathematician, philosopher and astronomer, Archimedes and how taking a bath led to Archimedes’ great idea – Eureka! For the story of how he used this idea to help the King of Sicily solve the problem of his crown, watch this video:


Y3 were more than happy to help Archimedes solve his next problem…  The King of Sicily had 3 daughters.  These princesses of Syracuse were always arguing about who was the greatest!


Ancient Greeks really valued strength and volume.  But which sister had the biggest volume and, therefore, was the greatest?  Balance measures weren’t very precise in those days, so they turned to the amazing Archimedes for help.

Archimedes worked with his team ‘Apollo’ and together they took each princess, submerged (or immersed – oh yes, we learned plenty of scientific vocabulary!) them into a full bath of water:


Then, they carefully measured the amount of DISPLACED water in order to calculate the volume of each princess:



They then recorded their results:


The princess with the greatest volume was declared the most beautiful of all!!!

What fun we had on Archimedes’ team!