Is Miss Trunchbull coming to Year 3?

Is Miss Trunchbull coming to Year 3?

Yesterday, Year 3 received a terrifying letter from Mrs Jordan!

One of the children opened the letter and read it to the class. It said that Mrs Jordan was sending Miss Trunchbull to come and teach us in Year 3! The letter also said that Miss Trunchbull came highly recommended and she was kind with small children. Year 3 knew that this was COMPLETELY untrue so we decided we had to tell Mrs Jordan that she had been given the wrong information!

Quickly, we decided to reply to Mrs Jordan. We needed to tell her the truth about Miss Trunchbull and hopefully persuade her to listen to our advice!

Thankfully, so far, it seems to have worked. Although we do all keep jumping everytime there is a knock on the door….