Year 2 at Forest School

Following on from the success of Year 1 ‘Forest School’ sessions it was Year 2’s turn to become explorers and hit the outdoors. The previous week the children were given the ‘Forest School’ rules and they were ready to go. They began the session as always with a team building game. They used their senses and listened attentively.

Den building was the first priority and the children were split up into two groups. Each group was given a tarp and string. The children practised knots and tried very hard to attach their tarp to their chosen trees.


Our outdoor area is very dense with wild greenery at the moment and that provided the children with a super resource. They used their natural finds as a bed and made their den very cosy indeed!




The purposeful play developed even further when the children started to add detail to their dens. The first group added a fire alarm with string and a stick whilst the other group added a sofa and a bed using logs.


The session ended with reflection time and hot chocolate! The pleas of “Please can we stay out” were a sure sign that a great time was had by all!