Celebrating The Epiphany in Y3

Celebrating The Epiphany in Y3

On Monday 7th, on returning to school, we completed our RE topic on Visitors with our final learning focus on the visit of the Wise Men to the infant, Jesus. First of all we looked at Matthew’s gospel to see what we could learn about the Wise Men.  It said “Some Wise Men came from the East…”  We looked at a map to try and work out where they might have travelled from.  We know they then went to Jerusalem to see King Herod, and then on to Bethlehem to worship God’s Son, Jesus.


We answered many questions about the Wise Men’s visit, including:

Why did the Wise Men travel so far to visit Jesus?  Who was the first person to visit and why?  How did he react?  What were the gifts the Wise Men offered?  Shepherds, then kings, came to see baby Jesus.  Why did God choose these visitors?  Why do we think there were 3 Wise Men when the bible only tells us there were “some”?

As you can see, some of our questions were BIG!


Yesterday, in response to our topic ‘Visitors’, we remembered and celebrated all that we had learned.  We reflected on the demands and joys of visitors and on the ways we had prepared for the coming of Jesus, the Son of God, at Christmas. We chose our own responses to our topic through our creating our own liturgy.