Eggshell STEM experiment in Nursery

How strong is an eggshell? Eggs seem pretty fragile. We went ahead and dropped one, it broke really easily. An eggshell is actually quite strong, but just how strong? We tried a couple of ways to test out our eggshell strength experiment. We used books and we used water. We also compared eggs with 2 bottle tops and eggshells alone.



We used a spirit level to make sure the bottle tops were level. Super maths!





Our findings and the children’s recordings:


  • Eggshells alone are extremely strong. They can hold up to five books and four jugs of water.
  • We strengthened the eggshells by adding the bottle tops.
  • The eggs containing the bottle tops can hold unlimited heavy books and a whole watering can full of water.

Wow! Even Mr Keilty was impressed! We discussed why the eggs were so strong? Did they have super powers? Not really, but they do have the power of the dome shape. This unique shape distributes any weight applied to the top of it to the entire egg. Next week Nursery will be looking at dome shaped buildings! Early years engineering at it’s finest!