A warm welcome back from nursery.

It has been a wonderful start to the new term in nursery. Miss O’Connor and Mrs Cowburn are so proud of the way the children have settled into the nursery routine and arrive everyday with a wonderful smile and an abundance of enthusiasm!

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Forest school has been introduced to the children and they were very excited to go on their first adventure! The rules and boundaries were given to the children and immediately co-operation and self-confidence were evident!


Miss O’Connor even practiced her tarp skills……Not a bad effort!


If in doubt get ourselves out!

As part of our knowledge and understanding of the world we carry out many exciting investigations and experiments using natural resources. This week we investigated why pine cones close when they are wet? They used all their senses to explore the pine cones. What do they look, feel and smell like? They described the colour of the pine cones and used words such as bumpy and prickly. The children were amazed when they placed them into water and said “They are closing now, it’s magic!” The following day the children drew their own depictions of the closed pine cones and remembered the results of the following days investigation. The investigation covered all areas of learning.


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