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This week Year 2 were visited by a very angry Queen of Hearts who thought Alice had stolen her jam tarts! Year 2 held a trial to find out if she was guilty. They split into 2 groups, the defendants and the prosecutors. They collected their evidence and the trial began!

Many children changed their opinions on whether or not she was guilty after hearing all of the arguments and evidence during the debate.

Finally, just as the jury were about to give the decision, the trial was stopped when new evidence was found and the jam tarts were returned to the Bossy Queen!

Sculpting in Year 2

This week we have been comparing the reigns of Queen Elizabeth 1 and Queen Victoria. In our Art and DT lessons we have designed and created our own pieces of jewellery that we think the Queen might have worn. We had great fun sculpting our jewellery design from clay, but it wasn’t as easy as…Read More

Reasoning in Year 2

Year 2 have been working on their reasoning skills in Maths lessons. After finishing our addition and subtraction topics we put our learning to the test! Our explanations were fantastic!Read More

Year 2’s wriggly find!

This week Year 2 were completely shocked when they heard a spooky knock at the door. Then discovered a wriggly, gooey, smelly sandwich sitting outside their classroom! IT WAS DISGUSTING but we were inspired so much by it that we decided to write about how we could make it. After that we learnt a really…Read More

Design Technology in Year 2

Over the last few weeks Year 2 have been exploring ‘moving picture books’ as part of our Creative Curriculum lessons. We have created our own pictures with sliders, leavers and wheels. After testing out all of the different mechanisms to make our pictures move, we designed our own moving picture using our favourite mechanism. Once…Read More

Liturgy in Year 2

Year 2 were very reflective and thoughtful during their liturgy this morning. The children planned and delivered their liturgy around the theme ‘Thank you’. They thanked God for their families, friends, school, teachers, world and each other!Read More

Year 2’s Colourful Art

Year 2’s Colourful Art

This week Year 2 have continued to explore the theme of colour based around the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. We have practised spelling the different colours and creating colourful pictures. In Computing we used a range of tools on ‘2 paint a picture’ and created some magnificent colorful scenes. In Art we made…Read More

E-Safety in Year 2

This week Year 2 have been learning all about the importance of staying safe online. We talked about things you can do online and things that you shouldn’t do online so that you can stay safe. We really enjoyed watching Hector’s World and were very quick to point out all of the things Hector and…Read More

Our first week in Year 2

This week we moved up into YEAR 2! We settled in very quickly and got to work learning spellings in strange places! We were intrigued to find out why a crayon box had been abandoned by the crayons in our classroom. Worse still, we found the wrapper of Peach Crayon who we believe has now…Read More

Saving our Planet

Last week Year 2 read the story ‘The Trouble with Dragons’. We quickly realised that these dragons cause all sorts of problems! They eat all of the food, litter the world and breathe hot air everywhere! After reading the story we also looked at a different story from CAFOD, ‘Laudato Si’ , a message from…Read More