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Year 2’s Icy Investigation

Following another cold weekend, Year 2 felt it was time they used the ice all around them to do some learning! They wanted to know how they could make the ice disappear more quickly so that they could go out and play! They investigated which different materials made the ice disappear the quickest. They used vinegar, salt and warm water. Each group got the same amount of ice and the same amount of their chosen material to keep the test fair. They made predictions and then tested out their thoughts. They were quite shocked by their results as for many it was different to what they thought!

Healthy Soup in Y2

In Science, Year 2 have been learning about plants. We have grown our own flowers, observed what happened to the flowers at different temperatures and explored plant life cycles. This week we looked at plants that we eat. We each brought in a type of vegetable from home. We chopped them up and talked about…Read More

Creating Fossils in Year 2

Year 2 were so inspired by the work they have been doing on dinosaurs and Mary Anning that they spent their Art lessons creating fossils of their own! They used clay, special plaster and toy dinosaurs to create a fossil shape. Look at their amazing pieces.Read More

Year 2 find Fossils!

This week Year 2 made a prehistoric discovery on their school field! We had been learning all about Mary Anning, the famous fossil hunter from Lyme Regis and the influence she had on the scientific thinking surrounding fossils and dinosaurs long after her time. Year 2 were shocked to discover fossils in their own playground,…Read More

Dinosaurs in Year 2

This week we began our new topic, Dinosaurs! We have learnt lots of facts about herbivores and carnivores and why they had certain features. We were amazed to hear about the discovery of a new dinosaur that had been found in China and a recently discovered set of bones that were uncovered in Africa. We…Read More


This week Year 2 were visited by a very angry Queen of Hearts who thought Alice had stolen her jam tarts! Year 2 held a trial to find out if she was guilty. They split into 2 groups, the defendants and the prosecutors. They collected their evidence and the trial began! Many children changed their…Read More

Sculpting in Year 2

This week we have been comparing the reigns of Queen Elizabeth 1 and Queen Victoria. In our Art and DT lessons we have designed and created our own pieces of jewellery that we think the Queen might have worn. We had great fun sculpting our jewellery design from clay, but it wasn’t as easy as…Read More

Reasoning in Year 2

Year 2 have been working on their reasoning skills in Maths lessons. After finishing our addition and subtraction topics we put our learning to the test! Our explanations were fantastic!Read More

Year 2’s wriggly find!

This week Year 2 were completely shocked when they heard a spooky knock at the door. Then discovered a wriggly, gooey, smelly sandwich sitting outside their classroom! IT WAS DISGUSTING but we were inspired so much by it that we decided to write about how we could make it. After that we learnt a really…Read More

Design Technology in Year 2

Over the last few weeks Year 2 have been exploring ‘moving picture books’ as part of our Creative Curriculum lessons. We have created our own pictures with sliders, leavers and wheels. After testing out all of the different mechanisms to make our pictures move, we designed our own moving picture using our favourite mechanism. Once…Read More