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Year 1’s Explore Afternoon

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Explore Afternoon’ on Tuesday. We loved inviting parents and grandparents into school and sharing our topic with them. We took them into the Forest School and made pterodactyl feeders, painted dinosaur sculptures, wrote messages in bottles and even made them hunt through dinosaur droppings to find out what type of dinosaurs they were from! We hope our family members enjoyed coming into our classroom and learning all about dinosaurs with us!

Geography in Year 1

We have been learning about the different countries in the United Kingdom in Year 1. We made passports and explored capital cities. We can locate each of the countries and match their flags!Read More

Science in Year 1

This week Year One have been exploring all of the different ways we use our senses. We used our eyes, ears, nose, mouths and hands to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. We talked about how important each of the sense is and how amazing our body is! Most of all we enjoyed tasting all…Read More

Maths fun in Year 1

Year 1 have been learning how to count backwards! By the end of the week we could put the numbers in order, sort them out and count backwards without any help at all!Read More

Y1 Phonics Screening Check 2018

Y1 Phonics Screening Check 2018

You may be aware that during the week commencing 11th June 2018, all Year 1 children will sit a phonics screening test. This is a statutory assessment, which means children in Year 1 all over the country will be sitting the same screening check. After the check, the results are submitted to the Local Education Authority.…Read More

Year One and Space

Year One made an ‘out of this world’ effort with their learning in the Spring Term during our space topic. We produced some super space related writing such as an alien’s diary and newspaper reports for the moon landing in 1969. Year One have been learning lots of exciting historical facts about Neil Armstrong and…Read More

‘Forest School’ in Year 1

Year 1 donned the famous St Columba’s red suits and participated in one of many new ‘Forest School’ sessions with Miss O’Connor. The session was linked to Year 1’s English work; a scary troll left the children lots of exciting activities to explore!       The children made leaf crowns and independently decided to…Read More

Spring Term in Year One

We have had a very busy spring term in Year One, so here are a few of our highlights. Space Explorers Year One began the spring term with the topic of space. They enjoyed finding out about our solar system, and discovering that Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.  …Read More

‘Forest School Staff Training.’

On Monday evening the staff donned their wellies and outdoor attire to take part in exciting ‘Forest School Training’ with Miss O’Connor. (Level 3 Forest School Leader).   St Columba’s Forest School Aims To provide an opportunity for individuals to develop, to learn and to enjoy themselves. To provide a safe and non-threatening environment in…Read More