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Happy Christmas from Nursery

December has been a magical month in Nursery. The children learned about the first Christmas and how people celebrate Jesus’ birthday each year. They role played the Nativity in the home corner and made an Advent wreath to take home.

As always Nursery put on their amazing Nativity Play. This years performance was called ‘A Little Bird Told Me.’ Every child sang their hearts out and knew all of the actions! Miss O’Connor is incredibly proud!





It would not be Christmas without a Christmas party and the children all looked wonderful in their party clothes!




We hope you all have a great Christmas and a super New Year!!!

Building Walls in Nursery

Nursery had a wonderful time this week building walls using wooden blocks and shaving foam. They donned safety hats and used trowels to add the ‘mortar’ to their bricks.   The children used spirit levels to check that their walls were straight and level.       We definitely have some prospective architects in Nursery!…Read More

A Creative Week in Nursery

It has been a wonderfully creative and energetic week in Nursery. We began the week by making ‘Halloween’ spiders. The children showed super spacial awareness when sticking on the spiders legs as well as good one to one correspondence in counting to 8. On Wednesday creativity was enhanced even further with independent water colour painting…Read More

Stay and Play in Nursery

The ‘Stay and Play’ sessions we provide here at St Columba’s are extremely popular and well supported. We aim to foster opportunities to enable the children, parents, carers and staff to be more sensitive to each others needs. We provide ideas, activities and opportunities that can be replicated in the home environment.    The children…Read More

Happy ‘Diwali’ from Nursery

It has been a very busy week in Nursery. We have had ‘Stay and Play’, ‘Italian Day’ and celebrated ‘Diwali.’   We value the role that festivals and celebrations play in supporting children’s learning and development in every area of learning. Miss O’Connor encourages families to help understand one another’s cultures and beliefs in a…Read More

Autumn in Nursery

It is not just children who love Autumn. Forest School Leaders relish in fallen leaves too! We are very lucky at St Columba’s to have such beautiful green surroundings. It’s fair to say the ground is positively gleaming and everything has become a bit more atmospheric.   We made collections of leaves, used them to…Read More

Mentos and Coke Experiment in Nursery

Mentos and Coke Experiment in Nursery

The Nursery children like nothing better than an exciting science experiment! Science is such a broad and exciting subject especially for children who are naturally curious and have questioning minds. We recognise the importance of introducing a wide range of experiences to our early years children so that they can begin to develop their scientific…Read More

Welcome Back Nursery

The children have returned to Nursery full of excitement and enthusiasm! Miss O’Connor is very proud of the new children and how well they have settled in.     We have been learning each other’s names and discussing how God loves us all. The children’s handprints and photos are beautifully displayed on our RE wall.  …Read More