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Meet Our School Council Members 2019-2020

Meet Our School Council Members 2019-2020

Hello everyone!  We are your new School Councillors for 2019-2020.  Thank you for your votes!   We are all committed Ambassadors of Mindfulness and are looking forward to helping you to make our great school even greater!  We are all ready to collect your suggestions on how to improve various aspects of school life and will do all we can to implement them!  We will also be running ‘Friend Fridays’ from the Y3 classroom on Friday lunchtimes to help you solve any problems or worries you might have.  We will keep you posted on our display in school – it is at the door where Y2-Y6 enter in the morning…

“We have a WORRY BOX for you to place any worries that you might have.  You will find this in the library.  Lift the monster’s mouth and it will eat your worry – we are always here to listen to you and to help you!”

“If you have a suggestion, then put it in our SUGGESTION BOX in the LIBRARY and we will discuss how to help at our next School Council meeting.  I’ll listen to anyone, even if you want to tell me something random, like llamas and sloths jumping over the moon!”

“I want to help people be the best they can be in school!”

“I want to be the best friend I can and help everyone touch a rainbow!”

“I want to make sure more children enjoy our school meals, rather than just bringing packed lunch every day, by finding out what people might want to add to the menu.”

“I will do anything it takes to solve any problem in this school!”

“I am looking forward to all the meetings we will have.  I am a good listener.”

“I will do my very best as a councillor and am looking forward to all the jobs we will do for this school, like decorating display work.”

“I am looking forward to trying to help people.  We will have lunchtime sessions in Mrs. Whitelaw’s class to listen to any problems you might have.”

“I want music in the lunch hall for dinner and in the classes to spread happiness.”

“I want to help people bring fun equipment back into the playground.”

“I would like to get ‘Fruit To Suit’ back!”

“I want to make the school a better place so no one gets hurt and everyone has a good time!”


Elections for School Council 2019

Elections for School Council 2019

Today Y1 to Y6 have been voting for their chosen candidates to elect as new School Council members.  Candidates delivered their manifestos very well, and class members voted for one boy and one girl to represent their class.  Watch this space for the results…      Read More

Revised Admissions Policy for September 2020

Revised Admissions Policy for September 2020

Consultation on Admission Arrangements for St. Columba’s RC Primary School 2020 – 2021 Our Governing Body, in conjunction with the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, are currently reviewing the admissions policy for all Roman Catholic primary schools for admission into Reception class for September 2020. Where changes to admission arrangements are intended, all schools are…Read More

Ofsted Inspection of St. Columba’s 04.12.18

Ofsted Inspection of St. Columba’s 04.12.18

Inspection of St Columba’s Roman Catholic Primary School Aided by Ofsted A message from Ofsted: We have just told your child’s school that we will inspect it on 4th December 2018. The lead inspector will be Andrew Cummings. We are writing to you because we would like to know what you think about the school.…Read More

ECO Club Prize

You may remember last year, you all made pledges as families to ‘Wash, Squash and Recycle’ your waste. The wonderful work you have been doing at home has been recognised by our Local Authority. On Monday 8th October, the children were presented with a certificate as we have won £100 to spend on new resources!…Read More

Care packages for new Nursery parents/carers

Following six glorious weeks in the sunshine we welcomed Mrs Walton (TA) into Nursery! It is a very exciting time for Nursery, meeting new children, meeting new parents and establishing routines. Saying goodbye to your little ones on their first day of Nursery can be a real tearjerker. ‘First day of Nursery’ packs were put…Read More

Teddy Bears Picnic with Nursery and Year 5

Buddy systems help to promote friendship and support between older and younger peers. The benefits of a buddy system are twofold – the older children learn to take on responsibility, while the younger children know that they have a special friend they can confidently turn to for support. The Year 5 children joined with the…Read More

A Musical Visitor!

A Musical Visitor!

On Monday, we welcomed a special visitor to our whole school assembly. Adam is from a company called Front Row Music and he teaches children how to play the ukulele and guitar. Adam showed us a ukulele, classical guitar and electric guitar. He talked about how the instruments make their sound and the special names…Read More

A visit from Sister Vincent

On Thursday morning Father David came to school to tell us all about his friends who live in Kenya and the work he has done there. He brought along Sister Vincent who lives in Kenya and helps the local people. We learnt so much about the work they both do to help people who are…Read More

Erasmus Project Meeting Lithuania

Last week Miss Metcalfe, Miss Quinn, Mrs Cowburn, Mrs Weir and Mrs Wallace attended our final project meeting held in Radvilskis in Lithuania. They observed many fantastic project based lessons in both English and Lithuanian. They thoroughly enjoyed working with the other project partners, Lithuanian teachers and all of the children. During their visit they…Read More