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Year 1’s Explore Afternoon

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Explore Afternoon’ on Tuesday. We loved inviting parents and grandparents into school and sharing our topic with them. We took them into the Forest School and made pterodactyl feeders, painted dinosaur sculptures, wrote messages in bottles and even made them hunt through dinosaur droppings to find out what type of dinosaurs they were from! We hope our family members enjoyed coming into our classroom and learning all about dinosaurs with us!

Geography in Year 1

We have been learning about the different countries in the United Kingdom in Year 1. We made passports and explored capital cities. We can locate each of the countries and match their flags!Read More

Science in Year 1

This week Year One have been exploring all of the different ways we use our senses. We used our eyes, ears, nose, mouths and hands to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. We talked about how important each of the sense is and how amazing our body is! Most of all we enjoyed tasting all…Read More

Maths fun in Year 1

Year 1 have been learning how to count backwards! By the end of the week we could put the numbers in order, sort them out and count backwards without any help at all!Read More

Exploring Different Habitats

Year 2 have been learning about ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’ in Science. This week they were given the challenge of advertising different habitats and trying to sell them to animals. In Creative Curriculum they used lots of different materials to make pop up habitats. Look at how beautifully they turned out!Read More

Y2 Visit Beamish!

Year 2 had great fun in Beamish last week. We enjoyed exploring the old buildings in the Victorian town and we even went down the mine. We weren’t too keen on visiting the dentist though as he said he would just pull out our teeth! Our favourite parts were being in the strict old school…Read More

A visit from Sister Vincent

On Thursday morning Father David came to school to tell us all about his friends who live in Kenya and the work he has done there. He brought along Sister Vincent who lives in Kenya and helps the local people. We learnt so much about the work they both do to help people who are…Read More

Year 2’s Batman Pizza

Year 2 made superhero pizzas this week as part of their cooking in Design and Technology lessons. They measured out all of the ingredients and mixed them to make the pizza dough. Then they cut out Batman shaped pizza bases before adding their favourite pizza toppings! Yummmm!Read More

Year 2’s Catapult Building

This week Year 2 have been reading the book ‘Eliot the Midnight Superhero’ as part of their Superhero topic. In Creative Curriculum they worked on designing a meteor busting catapult for Eliot. Once their designs were complete, they went on to make their catapults and tested them out! The children thought about different scientific variables…Read More