PE Funding Report

At St Columba’s Roman Catholic Primary, we provide a physical education programme of games, gymnastics, swimming, dance and athletics based lessons which are in line with the National Curriculum. This enables each child to develop their movement, skill, balance and co-ordination as well as self confidence in the subject area. The programme provides a progressive plan throughout each year and in subsequent years of a child’s primary education. Each child is given the opportunity to develop their competitive skills by engaging in both inter and intra school competitions.

We currently offer at KS1 and KS2 an extensive extra-curricular sports programme that provides the opportunity for children to further develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in a range of sporting areas. We additionally provide a healthy lifestyle programme which creates a greater awareness of issues such as the need for exercise, health living, tackling obesity and healthy eating.

Our future focus is to further develop the teaching of PE and to continue to deliver a broad and balanced programme, as well as extending the out of hours learning opportunities which will be linked to the wider curriculum in order to enhance learning for all participants.


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PE Grant

Curriculum Years 2017 to 2018

Please click here to view our detailed Sports Report (July 2017 – December 2017)


Curriculum Years 2016 to 2017

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Curriculum Years 2015 to 2016

ResourceCostTarget Age GroupImpact
Davies Sports - Goal Post & Nets£999.96PE lessons and out of school clubs and hosting tournamentsExtend opportunities to take part in inter and intra sport competitions. Improve quality of lessons.
Newcastle Eagles Basketball
Healthy Eating & Practical sessions leading to tournament
£550.00Year 5 & 6Educate pupils to develop healthy active lifestyles. Provide opportunities for both (whole) classes to participate in quality competitions. CPD training for staff.
Lunchtime Supervisor Training£520.00Whole SchoolIncrease participation in activities during lunchtimes. Improve behaviour.
Val Sabin PE Scheme ModulesCost to be advisedWhole SchoolUpskill teachers to improve quality of lessons.
Transport - continuing£345.00 to dateWhole SchoolInvest money on transport to enable children to take part in tournaments.
Sports 4 Schools - Olympic athlete Chris Tomlinson fundraising eventWhole SchoolInspire pupils to get involved in sports for life not just in school. Encourage them to discover and pursue their passion in life. Also to raise money for school equipment.
PE EquipmentBalls, Hoops, Markers, Skipping Ropes - Cost to be advisedWhole SchoolImprove quality of lessons. Increase participation.
Access Coaching - After School Clubs or any other external coachesCost to be advisedWhole SchoolReduce cost of after school clubs to increase participation.

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PE Grant

Curriculum Years 2014 to 2015

ResourceCostTarget Age GroupImpact
Gymnastics Equipment£2,797.40Whole SchoolImprove quality of lessons. Increase participation and confidence.
Archery Equipment£495.83KS2Encourage children to take part an unusual sport in school and in out of school clubs
Smooga£2,800.00Whole SchoolEngage pupils in physical activities during breaks and lunchtimes. Improve behaviour.
Newcastle Eagles Basketball£350.00Year 5 & 6Educate pupils to develop healthy active lifestyles. Provide opportunities for both (whole) classes to participate in quality competitions. CPD training for staff.
Premier Sport – Curriculum PE (Archery & Orienteering)£1,360.00Archery Year 5 & 6 -Orienteering Year 1,2,3 & 4Provide CPD and training to staff. Offer a range of different sporting opportunities across the school.
Nicola Smith Dance Classes£470.00Skipping & Dance Festivals - Year 4 & 5Provide training to staff. Whole classes participate in competitions.
Amazon - Costumes for Year 4 Dance Festival£273.00Whole of Year 4Being part of a team. Improve performance by making them feel special.
Premier Sport Curriculum PE course – Orienteering & Fencing£320.00Orienteering Whole School & Archery Year 3 & 4CPD for staff. Engage children in a range of activities to enable them to develop a variety of skills.
Balance for 2014/15£8,866.23
Grant Amount£8,930.00


PE Grant 2013 -2014

Download the detailed Sports Premium Report (March 2015 – Oct 2015)

We have received £8,680 for our Sports Premium Grant.

The money has been spent on the following:

2013 – 2014
Netball bibs £41.95
Balls £142.58
New equipment for gymnastics and dance £362.90
Hoops 4 Health coaching by Newcastle Eagles £300.00
Bell boats £550.00
Service Level Agreement with St. Thomas More to provide CPD support for the PE Coordinator £500.00
Total for academic year – £1897.43


2014 –2015  
Balls and bibs £213.85
Parallel bars and bar box £977.85
Bibs £37.95
Discus, hammer & batons £217.40
Rounders bats and balls £99.40
Balance beams & bean bags £74.17
Gym mats £776.00
Mat trolley £205.50
Long jump mat £69.50
Archery kit £495.83
T-shirts, flags and rosettes for Dance Festival £197.39
T-shirts £34.81
Hoops 4 Health coaching by Newcastle Eagles £300.00
Total for academic year – £3875.43

Please see the detailed report below from Mrs Iliadou (PE Coordinator) for further information.

Download the Sports Premium detailed report – Oct 2014-Mar 2015 >