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Y5 Weekly Worships Spring 2

Y5 Weekly Worships Spring 2

Thursday 25th February – 2nd Week in Lent – God’s Glory by Charlie, Benjamin and Cameron.
















Thursday 3rd March – 3rd Week in Lent – Anger In The Temple by Niamh, Ciaran and Shayne.


Thursday 10th March – 4th Week in Lent – Light of the World by Kai, Kieran and Amelia.



Thursday 17th March – 5th Week in Lent – A Grain of Wheat by Millie, Meg, Chloe and Catherine.



Winners of the North Tyneside Poetry Writing Competition 2016!

Winners of the North Tyneside Poetry Writing Competition 2016!

Thirty-two schools entered this year’s North Tyneside Poetry Writing Competition, and we are all so proud of our well-deserving, winning poets!   Well done, Aaryn, Shayne, Juhi and Niamh!  Our winners were invited to a prize ceremony at The Langdale Centre, Wallsend, on Wednesday 16th March and were presented with book tokens and certificates for…Continue Reading

Whittling at ECO Club.

The children have been practising their whittling skills using potatoe peelers.. They were taught to have a glove on their helper hand and to pull the potatoe peeler away from their body. Once the children show competency in skills they will then progress onto using a sheath knife.Continue Reading

Creativity in Nursery.

The children had a wonderful time using scissors, straws and sellotape to make their own structures. They competently used the dispensers and joined pieces together. This type of activity was amazing in developing the children’s fine motor skills as well using tools for a purpose. “Look I’ve made 4.”Continue Reading

Our First Campfire in Nursery.

  We were very excited to have our first campfire in the fire circle area. The children practised accessing the area were fully competent in remembering the safety rules  We must enter the fire circle by the designated route and step over the logs to sit down. We must ‘never’ walk across the fire pit…Continue Reading

Canterbury Tales in Year 5

Canterbury Tales in Year 5

In Year 5 we had so much fun when learning about Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.  Take a look at all the different things we did… Translating olde Englyshe to draw characters… Writing our own poems about the characters based on The Prologue… Performing our own poetry… Completing 3 star, 4 star and 5 star comprehensions… Creating comic…Continue Reading

Year 4 wb 21st March 2016

A busy few weeks in Year 4! We started by looking at the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol. At first we were unsure what the poem was about, however, we then began to identify the nonsense words and even created a glossary for the poem. We then began to create our own Nonsense poems, suing the…Continue Reading