Monthly Archives: February 2016

If Year 3 were Vikings…

We have completed our ‘Dragons’ topic this week in Year 3. Having read our main text ‘How to Train your Dragon’, we began to consider what it might be like if we lived on the Isle of Berk. Do you think we suit our Viking helmets? Many children decided that, if they were a Viking,…Continue Reading

RE Topic- ‘Celebrating’ in Nursery.

In Nursery we have been discovering what a celebration is and how people celebrate. At the start of this topic we used a ‘spider diagram’ to find out what the children already know about celebrating. We put the word ‘Celebrating’ in the centre. We added information from previous topics, e.g. Baptism, Birthday’s, Christmas, New Year…Continue Reading

Mathematics in Nursery.

We have been engaging in a range of activities focused around shape and specifically things that are round.                    The boys recognised shapes in their environment and constructed with shapes to make arrangements. The girls preferred to decorate CD’s with tissue squares and made wonderful mobiles for…Continue Reading

Spontaneous learning in Nursery.

There are many opportunities for spontaneous learning in Nursery. Windy days bring great pleasure and the children ask Miss O’Connor to make kites. ( Crepe paper streamers.) On many occasions Miss O’Connor also brings in decaying flowers for the children to explore and draw. They really enjoy this activity and their observational drawings are improving…Continue Reading