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Year 4 week beginning 25th January 2016

Year 4 week beginning 25th January 2016

Roman Mosaics

We have been looking at mosaics as part of our topic on the Romans and the effect on the Empire in Britain. We looked at a variety of mosaics and discussed how the Romans made them and why they were used. We then found out lots of facts about Roman villas in Britain and the rooms and objects that they had.

Next, we planned and designed our own mosaics before beginning to construct our own mosaics using coloured card cut into tiles. We really enjoyed making them but we are not all finished yet!

Mamma Mia

Much to the delight of many parents we are loving out topic on Mamma Mia in Music!! (Some bettered ears at home I have been told!)

This week we tried to play the xylophone at the same time as singing along to Mamma Mia – quite a challenge, believe me!

At first a few of us found it hard to keep the beat but after a little bit of practice we managed to play along to the music and even though it wasn’t pitch perfect it sounded great and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Year 2 TV challenge

This week Year 2 were challenged to become TV presenters after some strange goings on around school. We worked in groups to put together a show for ‘Dinosaur TV’. Some of us created our own news reports, some of us hosted a chat show, some of us created a games show and some became weather…Continue Reading

Year 2’s Dinosaur discoveries

In our English lessons we have been learning about information texts. We have found out that they usually start with a contents page and introduction and end with an alphabetised glossary and index page. We have combined our knowledge of information texts and dinosaurs to create our very own books which are full of dinosaur…Continue Reading

Safety Works

Safety Works

Last Friday, 22nd January, all of Year 5 went to the Safety Works building. This purpose built place is used by lots of schools through the North East to educate children on countless aspects of life. During our visit children were led on a number of workshops, including: fire safety, road safety, first aid, metro…Continue Reading

Year 4 wb 18th January 2016

Maths This week in Maths we have been looking at the factors of different numbers. We began trying to find factors using Numicon blocks to see if we could represent numbers in a range of different ways. For example we worked out that 6 could be shown as 1 x 6 and 2 x 3.…Continue Reading

Year 4 week beginning 11th January 2016

It was a busy week in school! On Tuesday we were visited by Joe Kirwin from DePaul UK, a charity that works with homeless people and supports them. Joe really challenged our perceptions of what homelessness is and the type of people that are homeless. We then discussed what a homeless person will ‘need’ and…Continue Reading