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Week 13 in Y6…Dec 7th

Week 13 in Y6…Dec 7th

After three weeks hard work on fractions in maths, during which time the children made enormous progress in their understanding of this key area, attention switched to the mathematical properties of 3d shapes.  As is often the case, certain pupils who have struggled with aspects of number work proved themselves to be very capable at solving 3d shape puzzles.  We explored finding as many different nets for a cube as possible (there are 11, in case you were wondering) and investigated different ways of making cuboids of various dimensions.

Despite the festive celebrations going on all around us (Christmas jumpers and all!) we’re still managing to get through the new Y6 curriculum – slowly but surely…

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Y5 prepare and perform an Advent liturgical dance to Isaiah’s “Bringer of Peace” (based on Isaiah 9: 1, 5, 6).

Y5 prepare and perform an Advent liturgical dance to Isaiah’s “Bringer of Peace” (based on Isaiah 9: 1, 5, 6).

Bringer of Peace (based on Isaiah 9: 1,5,6) A long time ago everything seemed sad and gloomy.     People felt as if they were living in the dark. But something happened. It was as though a great light brightened up their lives and made them happy.   For a child had been born for…Continue Reading

Planting new trees.

ECO- Club received 30 new trees from the woodland trust. An area was chosen near the willow structures on the border of the school field and a ‘copse’ was mapped out using canes. The children then planted silver birch, cherry and horse chestnut trees.     Great technique and an abundance of enthusiasm as always.…Continue Reading

Forest School Update and Fire Pit area.

Transformation of our school grounds is now well under way. The ‘Secret Garden’ is now being used weekly by nursery and reception classes for ‘Forest School’ sessions. St Columba’s Forest School Ethos To create a unique learning vehicle at St Columba’s RC Primary through Forest School. To believe in children’s right to play; the right…Continue Reading

Christmas in Nursery.

It has been a magical Christmas in Nursery! December began with our Nativity Play and the children looked beautiful in their costumes. It was a day full of memories with wonderful support from parents and grandparents alike.   We had a very cold and wet day at ‘Forest School’ when a letter arrived in nursery…Continue Reading

Y5 Collective Worships – Autumn 2nd Half Term

Come and see how Y5 have been preparing during Advent through their weekly worships… Each Thursday in Year 5 we have a collective worship.  In groups of three (usually), we plan and prepare these independently.  Weekly themes and groups are always on display in our RE corner.  We select how we will GATHER together from…Continue Reading